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Stats rising 60%+

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Stats rising

Every player has his own rate of efficiency which is formed from his actions during the battles. So it is possible to track the dynamics of change of RE (Rate of Efficiency) and also WN 8 rating, most fully showing player`s skill. For seeing changes, you would have to have some game sessions and see dynamics on related statistics sites.
There is special algorithm for calculating efficiency of players – Rate of Efficiency formula. It is one of the most popular.
For rising statistics of your ship you need to know such things as “victory percent”, efficiency, RE, WN 8 and others. For uppering stats it is needed to play efficiently and be the most valuable in the team of players, make frags, deal damage and support allies.
You can rise your stats in two ways:
Play alone, what is long and hard way, because of the precious random.
Rise total number of victories with our help. We have top players ready to help with boosting.



  • Active premium account
  • Doubloons for equipment replacements and captain retraining if needed.
  • During order execution you don’t play on leveling ships.
  • Make sure you check that you have enough credits for buying new ships and necessary modules
  • Captain 12+ skill-points