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Farming credits on premium ships

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Credits – game currency in World of Warships. Credits is required in large numbers on purchase of ships, boosting of crew and many other things. Farm of credits takes a lot of time, and because of weak players it is possible to impair a little your in-game statistics. What to do for farm of large amount of credits without harm for the account and statistics? To order from us service of credits farm on a premium ships and doesn’t worry about the statistics.

We have made for you convenient service for purchase of credits in WoWs. For this purpose you need to choose the region on which you play, the speed of a farm and the necessary amount of credits. We’ve added a few options which will allow you to share the process with your friends or save it for yourself

You`re interested in farming credits for World of Warships? E-boost.pro is your best partner! All deals are done officially, fast and with great profit for clients. Tired of grinding credits? Not enough of them became your permanent problem? There`s a solution: our service has great experience for that, we`re working since 2014. And with the credits you also gain rise of your stats, efficiency and other averages. It is extremely good deal.
Don`t waste your time on grinding credits for your game purposes, leave it to us and enjoy!



  • Active premium account
  • At least one tier 8 Premium ship
  • Doubloons for equipment replacements and captain retraining if needed.
  • During order execution you don’t play on leveling ships.
  • Make sure you check that you have enough credits for buying new ships and necessary modules