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Ace Tanker

  • You must have 30 gold
  • Crew must have 2 perks at 100%
  • You should have enough gold for booster to retain your crew, if needed
  • There must be possibility to choose and equip 3 equipments of boosters choice
  • You must have premium account activated

There are many achievements in the World of Tanks. Only few of them are so desirable as Mastery Badges.
Once you achieved that, nobody can take it from you. They are the display of your playing skill and efficience. But although, they are certainly uneasy to get. You should know every small trick with some tank. To get any of Mastery Badges you need to earn more experience in a single battle than the average highest experience of certain percent of all players who have been playing the same tank within the last week. And for getting “Ace Tanker” this percent is 99. Sounds hard? Still want the badge? We can do that for you while you can relax. Don`t let the hard conditions to stop you from enjoying the game with the stuff you desire, leave that to us!