World of Warships is a free-to-play naval warfare-themed massively multiplayer online game developed and published by Wargaming. In World of Warships, players take control of various types of warships from different eras and engage in epic sea battles with players from around the world. The game offers a variety of modes, including cooperative battles against computer-controlled opponents, random battles against other players, and ranked battles. Players can also join clans and participate in clan wars.

In World of Warships, players can choose from several types of ships, including battleships, cruisers, destroyers, and aircraft carriers, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. They can upgrade their ships and commanders, customize their equipment and consumables, and train their crews to gain an advantage in battle.

The game features detailed and realistic graphics and sound effects, providing an immersive experience for players. With regular updates and new content, World of Warships offers endless hours of strategic naval warfare gameplay for fans of the genre.